Frequently asked questions

1. What is Illinois Court Help?

    • Illinois Court Help is a free service provided by the Supreme Court of Illinois. We assist court users in navigating the state’s legal system by offering information and resources. Our aim is to help individuals understand court processes, find legal assistance, and access relevant documents and forms so they can better participate in court.


2. Who can use Illinois Court Help?

    • Illinois Court Help is available to court users in need of assistance with navigating the legal system in Illinois. This includes parties involved in court cases, as well as members of the public seeking information about their rights and responsibilities. Our service is accessible to residents of Illinois and individuals with legal matters within the jurisdiction of Illinois courts.
    • Illinois Court Help cannot assist minors. If you are a minor needing assistance, please have a parent or guardian contact us.
    • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy on abusive behavior towards our court guides. If we provide all available information and assistance and/or encounter abusive behavior, we reserve the right to discontinue our assistance.


3. Is there a cost associated with using Illinois Court Help?

    • Illinois Court Help is a free service.


4. What are Illinois Court Help’s regular business hours?

    • Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please note that we are closed on court holidays. There may be additional times that we are closed for internal events and trainings.


5. What is the time limit for calls to Illinois Court Help?

    • To assist as many court users as possible, calls are limited to 15 minutes during hotline hours.


6. Can Illinois Court Help provide legal advice?

    • Illinois Court Help does not provide legal advice or opinions on specific legal matters. Our role is to offer general information and guidance to help individuals understand the legal process. For legal advice, please consult with a qualified attorney or legal aid organization. Additionally, Illinois Court Help cannot:
      • Represent individuals in court
      • Interpret the law
      • Guarantee outcomes in cases


7. Can Illinois Court Help fill out legal forms?

    • Illinois Court Help cannot fill out legal forms or advise individuals on what to write in their legal forms. We can answer questions and provide general guidance on completing forms and navigating court procedures.


8. Can Illinois Court Help file court documents?

    • Illinois Court Help cannot file court documents for individuals. We can guide court users through the process of filing court forms online, in the courthouse, or via mail.


9. How does Illinois Court Help connect users with legal resources and assistance?

    • Illinois Court Help can provide referrals to legal aid organizations, bar associations, and other resources that may be able to provide legal assistance or representation, depending on your eligibility and the nature of your legal issue.


10. Can Illinois Court Help answer complicated legal questions?

    • Illinois Court Help cannot provide analysis on complicated legal questions that require interpreting statutes or case law or determine what is applicable in your case. However, we can provide links to state statutes, local court rules, and other legal resources for your reference.


11. Does Illinois Court Help offer assistance or resources for cases in federal court?

    • Illinois Court Help focuses exclusively on matters related to the state court system. We do not provide information or resources for cases in federal court.